Welcome to the KUPFakademie!

Advanced training and education tailor-made for cultural workers – the KUPFakademie

The KUPFakademie is commissiond by the KUPF – Kulturplattform Oberösterreich, the umbrella organization & representative body of cultural initiatives in Upper Austria. The KUPFakademie has developed a broad variety of possibilities for further training and education influenced by ideas and proposals of cultural initiatives. The schedule for seminars and workshops takes up knowledge of cultural workers already available and also takes into consideration the participants’ needs and desires for self-directed learning.

The instructors of the seminars are experienced in the field of cultural work and support the participants to integrate their own knowledge and their experiences gained in cultural initiatives. Here we realise that not the interests of the various factions of the culture industry are served, but only the needs of those working in cultural initiatives are focussed.

The KUPFakademie will start with their project of advanced training in cooperation with the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz in December 2007: Academy Cultural Work is a certified training programme for participants in social cultural work. Based on the experiences of the participants, the well-founded enlargement of theoretical contextual knowledge and intensive practical work are equal pillars of the Academy Cultural Work.

For further details please contact: office@kupfakademie.at . phone 0043 6802168104